Home Design and StagingInterior Design Ideas & TrendsPreparing Your Home For Sale February 24, 2020

Lighting – Make a HUGE Difference SIMPLY!

In CURBED magazine this month Laura Fenton writes about the ease of making a big difference with lighting. I could not agree more! I’ve seen beautiful art, furnishings and finishes that go virtually unnoticed because they aren’t illuminated correctly or at all. It’s one of the BIGGEES  I go over with my sellers and the fix is most often not an expensive one. Many times it’s just a trip to the local hardware store to get a few bulbs to get the color temperatures uniform. Lighting mishaps are even more obvious once photographed and can be missed by both stagers and listing agents. The buyer may not be able to say what it is that makes them uneasy about a space or a home and this alone can be a large part of it. I liken it to visiting a great art museum. The lighting is warm and emphasizes the subject and not those that visit. Coming from a retail and theatre design it should be about product presentation and showing it in its best light!