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The Rise of The New Aristocracy

In my day to day business travels buyers and sellers tell me what is on their hearts when it comes to the next move. I often want to check out what I believe to be true with our local trends versus national trends. I’d like to share with you this article which confirms what I’ve been hearing in the luxury market and as it also applies in many ways to the median home buying/selling sectors. For someone like myself that has enjoyed rural living, I’ve been seeing a trend for more of an urban lifestyle where not getting into a car to get a coffee and easily experiencing community daily is desirable. Personally I will never dispute that doing the same or visiting friends by kayak or boat on Puget Sound saltwater has its merits! There’s something in here about multi-generational living too. Read on…

This article provided by the Luxury Portfolio International. All data is from YouGov Affluent Perspective, unless otherwise noted.