More About Me

Meet Claudia Gentzkow - BROKER

A Northwest Native, resident and Broker since 1999

Locally recognized as a saltwater homes property specialist, assisting sellers and buyers through ever step along the real estate way. 

An “all about you” approach to meeting your real estate needs. Whether that means providing you with an accurate market value for your current property, or helping you find what you’re looking for. I have access to lots of tools to do the work, so you don’t need to.

Marketing & Communications

I’m excited to be at work for my clients first, utilizing the power of Windermere Real Estate, the amazing research data and tools they offer as well as their international network of professionals.

Secondly, Saltwaterhomes my personal web based real estate and business storefront. Here I can showcase properties with an image specifically tailored for each, while highlighting their best features. While easy to navigate, this also makes it a great place to research properties.


With a degree in Interior Architecture from the University of Oregon, and a combined 15 years of experience in both architecture and retail marketing, lastly at NIKE, I easily trade hats. A daily occurrence for me is removing the  “real estate transaction negotiator and manager” hat for the “marketing and presentation” hat. It really works!


For sure I’m big on dreams and helping my clients fulfill those, but the other piece to that is the "business and financial sense for you", piece. The purchase and sale of a property is a BIG one, whether for residence, investment or both. We’ll never leave out the “does this make good business and financial sense?” piece, to our discussions and my research.

What's your real estate story?